The community needs more housing that is affordable for young adults, young families and the rapidly growing elderly population.  Consider incentives to developers, increased densities in the appropriate areas to encourage more housing options and contain urban sprawl.


Taxes & Spending

Spend on the needs of the community not special agendas.  Prioritize expenditures to what benefits the many and not the few.


Employment & Economic Development

Encourage and facilitate employment opportunities for both large and small businesses.  A strong small business community is the best way to increase employment and prosperity.


Red Carpet not Red Tape

Help Town Hall become more efficient.  Allow public servants the time and permission to find better ways to deliver services to business and residents.  Look to other jurisdictions for best practices.



Develop a plan to encourage a vibrant downtown.   Mandate a mixed-use strategy to provide for residential, office and retail / commercial uses.  Facilitate good land use and transportation strategies.  Encourage and facilitate outdoor uses, pedestrians, cyclists and other forms of transportation.


Disadvantaged Groups

Participate in and facilitate a strategy to assist those in the community who are less fortunate, many through no fault of their own.  Further the good work already being done in the community by the likes of Home Horizon and others.

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