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First let me congratulate the successful candidates and I wish them success in dealing with the opportunities and challenges that Collingwood has before it today and in the coming years!  I will be watching with interest as to how the new Council performs.  I will be interested in how its individual councillors perform; what comes of their election platforms, how and if they deal with the current issues, and if they show progressive thinking when it comes to planning for the future.

I am neither surprised or disappointed that I was not successful in my effort to become a Town Councillor.  I am not surprised as: I did not grow up in Collingwood, I am not a long time resident with an extensive network of friends and associates; I am not an eastsider or westsider; I did not attend CCI; I did not marry my CCI high school sweetheart; I did not have prominent politicians supporting my campaign, etc.  I am not disappointed in that it was an interesting experience that gave me the opportunity to observe the local political scene up close and hear from many residents and community organizations.  There were some valuable take aways!

Maybe I am the outsider, perhaps that was not perceived well.  However, in my way of thinking it can be an advantage.  I believe my experiences other than that of Collingwood, and looking outside the box, would provide a different perspective, and could make a difference.  My motivation to run for council was primarily to be an advocate for issues that I feel are critically important and are not getting sufficient attention.  As that has not worked out, perhaps I will return to my original thinking regarding the affairs of Collingwood and, being a fan of I.F.Stone, Woodword &Bernstein and Jane Jacobs, that is to write about it!

So, I will continue my website and Facebook page and Blog about the issues, those matters for which I am an advocate, as well as the performance of council and its members.

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