Collingwood Watch -More Important Than You May Realize

Shortly after the recent municipal election councilor-elect Yvonne Hamlin wrote that she is most interested in a review of the town’s official plan (OP), zoning by-laws and waterfront master plan.

While I certainly agree with that sentiment, what should entail is a comprehensive review of all Town plans, policies and strategies by way of professional studies, analysis and recommendations. Official Plans are not the product of one person’s consideration.

An Official Plan review should have a detailed and structured process.  The Province publishes a Citizen Guide to Official Plans and I encourage the public to familiarize themselves with that process.  A link to that document can be found below.

I would suggest the Town seriously consider that the next official plan review be conducted by either; an Official Plan Task Force (which would hire an Executive Director), or an outside consulting firm.  Either way it would be imperative that they have experience in preparing an official plan.

I have some thoughts on what needs to be addressed in the review and will outline further in upcoming blogs.


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